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Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths. The dog has been quarantined at the Bangor Humane Society since the July 29 attack.| More » browse: | Must Read Posts | sticky stories, activism, columnists, dog laws & bsl, dogfighting, criminal trials, family dog attacks, fatal dog attacks, humane groups, pit bull owners, pet attacks, police shootings, editorials, senior citizen attacks, victims of attacks, special reports & events No charges will be filed after a family dog fatally attacked a newborn. The dog will be euthanized once the case is closed, reports the Bangor Daily News.Ready to join the Local Sex Chat - Register now and get a totally free standard membership!

This baby's death follows the same scenario we have seen with huskies before, literally attacking a newborn in its bassinet or crib.

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The only difference in this case is that the parents were sleeping in the same room at the time.

Usually, the mother has stepped away momentarily when the family husky drags a newborn from its bassinet or bedding, killing it.

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