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And how many files are being uploaded (seeded), etc.?We can configure different u Torrent settings to maximize the download speed for a particular torrent file.This isn’t the first time a Bitcoin minder has been installed to ‘borrow’ power from other machines in order to turn a profit.The fact that u Torrent bundled this with an update and avoided being upfront about it to begin with makes the whole thing pretty shady.Some users noticed a slight increase in processor load after the update, which prompted some further digging and led back to the Epic Scale program.In a forum thread (via Trusted Reviews), a u Torrent rep confirmed that it was bundling the Bitcoin miner with its latest client update, saying “Epic Scale is a great partner for us to continue to generate revenue for the company”.Peers also share data just like seeders, but only share the data that they have already downloaded.

Peers also known as leechers are the people who are still downloading the file and receiving the data.

, the latest update to the popular torrent management software comes bundled with a program called Epic Scale, a Windows program that uses the computer's processor to mine a bitcoin variant called Litecoin in the background.

Many users were unaware that their computers were being used to mine the currency, and only discovered the program was running after noticing the significant increase in processor load.

This came shortly after the company faced massive backlash from users complaining about the situation.

I'm the lone seeder of a torrent that has content not available anywhere else.

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