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“For Pat the f-word is like a comma,” explains Gore. I gave in because I am dating one of them and she gets super bitchy and cries and shit when she doesn’t get her way. I was cooking with a Braves fan who was pretty excited about the game. The only positive is that we forgot to wager on the game so I saved myself the money I made tonight. we are still keeping it real over here but have just decide to take a short hiatus from the blogging until spring training starts when there will be some more interesting stuff to report on.The former leftfielder also hit 20 or more home runs in eight consecutive seasons in Philadelphia and finished with 251, putting him behind only Mike Schmidt, Ryan Howard and Del Ennis.Commonly referred to by the Phillies faithful as "Pat the Bat," Burrell voiced his appreciation to the fans in attendance at Citizens Bank Park's Diamond Club for sticking with him through thick and thin. Rubes called us up tonight and wanted to make sure we were back on board. If that doesn’t seal another ring i have no idea what will. It was between me, wanting to watch the phillies on channel 22 and four 8 year old girls who wanted to watch Air Bud 13 or 14 or whatever sport he is playing now on channel 50. Apparently the main reason he left years and money on the table is because he is a huge fan of the sexycrimes. Looks like the Phillies welcomed back not one but three major members of their team tonight…no particular order of importance….prystline, perman, phifer. xoxo I was pretty sure that the phils were going to go 162-0 this year. I was catering a party and happily watching the game instead of cooking until about the 5th inning when I lost a channel battle."He was oftentimes taken out for defensive purposes, and when he was taken out, I always saw him right on the front rail for the last two innings," Andersen said.

Many athletes choose to take advantage of this fact by dating strictly within the Big Three: actresses, models and cheerleaders.

In November the 40-year-old Perez won for only the second time in his PGA Tour career, in just his third start back after left-shoulder surgery had put his future in golf in peril. You don’t believe in me, you don’t believe in my comeback, then f--- you.’ I loved those irons, but I couldn’t wait to put something else in the bag and then shove it up Callaway’s ass. I thought about it all day and all night, month after month.

To hear Perez tell it, the victory was the feel-bad story of the year. All I could think was, I am going to bury these people and nothing is going to stop me. That’s how it felt to win.” Callaway, in fact, did come back while Perez was still on the mend and offer him a contract early last fall, and company spokesman Harry Arnett says, “We loved having Pat on our staff and continue to root for him to play well on Tour.” But never mind all that; Perez’s bitter recounting jibes with the widespread perception that he is golf’s angriest man.

Sometimes you see actors who are really good, but you have trouble separating that actor from the celebrity profile.

The red wine is flowing, the stuffed pork chops are sizzling and the host is enjoying a tasty bit of revenge, a dish that is best served cold.

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