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He comes out and calls my name, and I follow him into his office, he closes the door behind me as tells me to take a seat.

My father made me study an insignificant BSc Maths in a local college before marrying me off. But then,my elder brother's wife had some complication in her pregnancy,so my father and mother had to rush to Canada where they lived. It was an old ancestral house with 3 bedrooms,1 large hall,1 dining room,storage room,kitchen,outhouse and a large garden outside the house with coconut and mango trees.

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My husband was totally aghast learning as much as I'm.

So was I,we were virgins till marriage,had sex for 2 months and now we have to wait atleast for 6 months before seeing each other and he had exhausted all his leaves and will not be allowed for any more atleast for a year. It was a long time since I felt the warm lips of someone on my mouth. I thought of pretending to get up now and confront him.

I know that I would be extremely jealous and could not handle it.

She says it would be "just sex," we would make the rules in advance, no feelings involved.

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