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It’s really easy to place the blame on a vaguely menacing platitude (“Women date jerks!

”) than it is to, say, pursue the kinds of changes that would help you find the succulent rewards and fulfilled life you seek. Let go of unhelpful thoughts and gender stereotypes that don’t serve you, and focus on commanding your own unique bliss.

—Girl With A Poppyseed Dear GWAP, I’m so sorry you’re in this situation.

How can I navigate this and stay true to myself but consider his feelings, given our polarized moral compasses?

More piggyback rides (high heels are tiny feet-guillotines of awful).

If you have an OB-GYN or primary care doctor, they might be able to recommend someone.There are cycles of fear, mistrust, desperation and constant hope of things improving,” she said.Ending any relationship is hard, but an addicted person is especially not suited for a healthy relationship because, as my friend put it, first and foremost, “they have a relationship with heroin.”She added, “Addicts take advantage of the emotions other people have for them because they rely on others to be there no matter what, which is why it’s so similar to an abusive relationship.”At the end of the day, her addiction is not your battle, though you say you’ve been “battling” with it.I've been battling with her getting clean and seeking help, but she’s still been buying from dealers and it's putting a dent in our relationship, which is dissolving my feelings for her.Am I an idiot for continuing this pattern or do you think there's any hope for this relationship? Dear Anon., You’re not an idiot, but you need to break up with her.

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